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I was in college that time . We were getting bored so we decided to have a blast . We got a cottage booked in Mud Island for 2 nights and 2 days . We collected and bought lots of things which we would carry with us like camera , music system , loads of food , beach wear , game items . We left on friday evening .

Mud Island is several hours drive from Santa Cruz . We took a Sierra . By the time we reached Mud Island it was dusk . We soon hurried inside and met the person in charge . We spoke to him at length . He was a very modest and an informative person . After that we met the attendent and told him how the table would be laid . We ordered some of our favourite dishes for snacks . By the time our snacks got ready we had called up our homes , got our bar ready . We sprayed an Yardley exotic fragrance room freshner ( which we had carried along with us ) to liven up our spirits .

We got together and settled down . Music had filled the air , we swayed and jived to the tune . Intermittently we went out to the open . There in the desolated area the expanse of the Arabian Sea seemed to engulf us . The roaring of the sea broke the stillness of the place ; the splashing waves left white marks in the dark sand ; and the salty cool breeze enveloped us in thrill . We could hardly believe that darkness could be so enthrawlling and enchanting .

The next day for long hours we were in the sea . We were playing games ; sun bathing ; met people who had also come there to enjoy ; and had plenty of naariel paani ( green coconut ) . Naariel paani has a typical flavour which i feel goes very well on the beaches .

Back to ball room . The momentum was high . Our free spirited beings were continuosly gulping , munching , fagging with a dash of brown sugar . We sat together and spoke our hearts out . We shared our experiences , we got vocal about our good and hard times , worries , we kept no secrets among us . We laughed , cried , cracked jokes all through the night . We realized that we felt very happy and light . We also realized that to lead a good life we must give vent to our feelings and emotions .

We saw the dawn breaking over the sea . We were totally spellbound and attracted by the beauty of the nature . That experience was absolutely rejuvinating for us .

The same day we had to go to esselworld ( amusement park ) . We got ready , had our breakfast and checked out of the cottage . By the time we reached esselworld the place was totally thronged with people . Parking our car became an impossible task . I wondered which was more problematic parking our car or wading through the crowd . Finally we reached our long-awaited rides . We gave a beautiful crowning to our trip by ending with a rollercoster ride in the air !

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